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CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are what make the Web look great.  A little knowledge in CSS can take you  a long ways.  From background images to drop down menus, CSS is a key component to all websites with any sort of styling. 

All of the information that your browser receives about a web page is neatly written in words and symbols that mean something to the browser.  Most styling properties of a given web page are words and symbols that identify specific colors, spaces, shapes and images.  These are classified under CSS. 

Computer to Server and Back

Have you ever thought about how the information from this page, or any web page for that matter, ended up on your screen?  You probably Googled something like, “Web Design 101,” found related articles in the Google listing, and clicked.  There are thousands of millions of web pages out there, all that information certainly isn’t housed on your own machine.  In fact one source at http://www.worldwidewebsize.com/ said that the Indexed Web contains over 8 billion pages.  So how then, do any one

Code to Web

When I first started using the web in high school, I put absolutely no thought into how the web pages ended up on my computer screen or why they acted and looked they way they did.  All I knew was that I could use them to answer my essay questions for Mrs. Hubbard’s English class without spending hours at the library.   It wasn’t until years later that I started to wonder what was actually going on behind the scenes of a web page. 

Planning a website can be one of the most challengeing aspects to creating a new site.  Information archeticuture and system design must be thought of carefully before any coding or development begins.  After a consultation, DBP will create a site map.  The idea behind the map is to develop an understanding of the order of pages, and overall archetecture of the website. 


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